The Original GunFighter

GunFighter Generation III

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The Jemak GunFighter is built for the training professional, or the enthusiast that intends to use their rifle.  Each rifle is hand built on the standard AKM platform focusing on quality during the process, rather than checking quality after the rifle is complete.  Using more modern products to upgrade one of the most replicated and reliable designs, the Jemak GunFighter is built to be an impressive "go to" rifle.


Taking advantage of new products, we have one rifle design that will come to market in the summer of 2018.  These rifles will be built with all the great attention to detail that you would expect from Jemak Firearms.  We will not be taking custom orders on the new GunFighters and will be releasing a base model that should satisfy most customers.


All GunFighter rifles feature:

  • Hungarian AK63 platform (non-matching)
  • Childers Guns CG1 Receiver
  • Magpul 30rd PMAG
  • Surplus Hungarian Grip
  • Surplus Hungarian Hanguards
  • M4 Stock Adapter with Magpul MOE Stock
  • Side Rail and Retaining Bracket
  • Tapco Single Hook G2 Trigger
  • Graphite Black Cerakote for ultimate protection and durability