The Lost Art of Craftsmanship!

The Lost Art of Craftsmanship!

Today we have Walmart, made in Taiwan, made in the Honduras, prefabricated everything and very cheap.  Marketing is so good, that we started to believe that cheaper is better, and started expecting everything to be sold at the lowest possible price.  Cheap almost always means poor quality.  You get what you pay for, but what happened to the American Craftsman?


The American Craftman, or Artisan, is still here.  Finding them is the issue because the Craftsman spends all their time perfecting their craft, and do not have a marketing department.  Most of the advertising is done word of mouth, but you also need to be weary of self proclaimed craftsmanship.  You can tell who the Craftsman is, because you will see the details in their work.  They will take time posting photo's showing the detail, and less time talking about their details.


Did you ever visit a website claiming they sell the best AK because they do this or that to the rifle?  Take a look at the pictures, you will rarely see detailed photos, or you will see out of focus images.  This is the first sign that they may not be confident enough in their product to show you what it looks like up close.  I find that talk is cheap, but pictures speak volumes.


I consider myself to be an Artisan which is another word reflecting craftmanship.  Jemak is not a "slap your rifle together and make it work" manufacturer.  We hand build your rifle, and always look for ways to make the rifle better.  I want you to come to Jemak because you are looking for something special that your friends do not have.  I want you to appreciate your new rifle, and I want you to always be happy with your rifle.  This is what an Artisan does.  We create something special from something mundane.


You might ask why Jemak does not list every detail, or the process that goes into building a rifle.  This is an easy question to answer.  I speak through photos that show the details of a typical Jemak rifle.  Why read a biased description of how great I am, which would only be self serving.  I am not here to serve myself, I am here to serve my customers and hopefully provide value and the long forgotten appreciation of craftsmanship.