American Craftsmanship

Jemak Firearms take their inspiration from the golden age of American Craftsmanship. Each rifle is built from the best quality parts and built to a standard that exceeds expectations. This is where western ideas are fused with the utilitarian, yet highly reliable design.


Jemak Firearms strives to pay attention to the details and emphasize the beauty of each rifle. The goal is to provide you with a rifle that will turn heads based on looks, feel, and performance.


Jemak Firearms are feature-rich. A completed base rifle will not leave out features that you would have to request, or add on later. A retaining plate and side rail are part of the base rifle package.  Jemak rifles also feature a Cerakote finish on all new rifles built after July 1st, 2015.


You can choose from a classic design: the Jemak m47 or Jemak m74. The Jemak GunFighter rifle is available to provide a more modern look, allow for customization, and provide a dependable rifle for you to enjoy.


About the Builder, and Owner of Jemak LLC

David M. Klipstein is an artisan. He first started working on the WASR-10 in 2007 as a hobbyist, and developed a passion for the AK platform. This is a great rifle to learn from and develop the skills it takes to start building. While building rifles he realized that this was his calling in life: to build a rifle that is a complete package. Aesthetics and features are very important, but quality is number one.


David has been building rifles as an artisan since 2014, receiving his 07 Manufacturers FFL under Jemak LLC. As Jemak LLC, David builds a high quality rifle with the goal of providing his customers with the same passion he feels for the platform. Customers are loyal to Jemak LLC, and often come back for a new rifle, many times over.